Decisions Decisions

The last week I am sure has been a blast of new experiences for everyone, whether it be exciting, tedious, easy going or stressful we have all created our own experiences and stories of our first week at uni. This brings me to one of my most fond ideas for the media platform on which I wish to write my report. Stories and mythology have become a lesser form of social gathering over the last few centuries. Gone are the days in which legends and folklore were shared around a campfire by elders and prophets. the modern world rather see the boogeyman on the big screen than have oral recounts told of kidnappings by some am ammature story teller. But is this really the case?

the PBS idea channel and BBC Radio 4 give great insight on how the internet, through forums like “Creepy Pasta” and “Reddit”, and Youtube blogs like “Marble Hornets” have resurrected the art of folklore. The recent surge of two sentence horror stories through Facebook and tumblr have captured the essence of fables around a campfire. Thus i have decided to write my report on how so long as there are Folk, there is Lore. The convergence of tale and myth into the wide spread abilities of the internet is a fascinating development and this, I wish to document.


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