Silluminati- a Deconstruction of the Illuminati Meme

BK_PVViCQAEcQeE For as long as there has been the Trikke Scooter, the triangular conspiracy of the Illuminati has spread through The Web like a three pronged virus. Nearly everything from Gaga to sliced bread has been linked to the “New World Order”. But does this ridiculous Internet fascination with coincidences and three sided shapes have different connotations than what meets the eye?


One theory behind the theory of of illuminati conspiracy theories 108785 is that, because of the internet, and the power it has given us, we have grown to distrust society now more than ever. We all now have the capability to follow enough threads about conspiracies to make a pyramid themed jumper out of it. So does this, sometimes humorous internet meme have such negative connotations that we are all scared of the platform on which we hold our own conspiracies? Or Could it be a sort of emergence from a shell of pessimism in the way of world government?



Another, very contradictory idea about the deeper meaning towards the explosion of the “Illumitheory” is that we have grown out of a government fear and developed a sort of egotistic outlook where we make fun of conspiracies and laugh in the face of the demonic worldly body of a “Silluminati” we link it’s existence to pop stars and shapes because it seems insignificant compared to the power of a civilisation bound and connected by media. but these are only my on opinions

and who knows, the illuminati may well be brainwashing us into thinking that they are just a meme to subdue us. Because of course, they are watching

ILLUMINATI celebrities- hand covering eye - all seeing eye gesture lady gaga

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