Why Does It Even Matter

Tumblr is a media platform used for micro-blogging and social interaction which  was founded and is assumedly owned by it’s CEO David Karp. But is David the only player in the tumble turning game of tumblr? Does it even matter who owns it?

Back in 2013, tumblr. was bought by Yahoo! for $1 billion.This made a lot of people very angry and was widely regarded as a bad move. But why should it even matter who owns the site. As an avid user of tumblr. I have found nothing wrong with tumblr under Yahoo!’s umbrella. However, because Yahoo! is in the money making industry, many worry about the risk of excessive advertising on their beloved blog site. Zac Miner (2013) talks about how many users switched to WordPress after the deal. Why? Advertising!!!!! tumblr. is a prosumer website that is remarkably unbiased in what is seen or heard other than NSFW and suicide content. other than sponsored blogs, when on the site you see no more than the blogs which you have subscribed too and what they blog.

All in all, it doesn’t matter who owns the media we use, so long as we can be confident in an unbiased ownership. though many fear the convergence of media under one power so there will always be resistance to the move.

Reference list
Miners. Z. (2013) The good, the bad and the ugly of Tumblr under Yahoo (InfoWorld) [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.infoworld.com/d/applications/the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-of-tumblr-under-yahoo-218987. [Accessed 31 March 2014].


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