This One’s for the Fans


A nod to the audience, how do we get access? what are our rights? policies? Are there communities? cultures? specific 3D practices? How do the audiences build a relationship with the tech? are there issues?

Earlier today my father was talking about his USA harley trip and how he went to a print shop on the other side of town to print off shirts for all of his Harley friends. which got me thinking. How and where does one 3D print. The cheapest printer on is still on the plus side of $1000, and they rise exponentially from that. So how can access become easier? a few of my ideas are
– Regular public printer companies could benefit largely from offering 3D prints to customers. i know i would pay a fair bit more money than necessary for them to print me off a pair of shoes that use about $15 worth of filament.
– Having 3D print companies ship a printer to you for about $20 a month: This would cover (eventually) the cost of the printer along with companies mailing customers regular filament (which costs about $6 to make in bulk). this would be a great way to improve customer relationships with the printers and expand the audiences… it works with phones.

With the idea of the public 3D printing however comes the next issue. what are our rights with this new technology. surely printing companies can’t just print off and sell movie props and pirated works of arts. Thingiverse combats this with a straight forward direct and regular sweep of their website regularly. if you access one of the previous links on this post you may see that the site has blocked many of the images on designer “Recreus’s” site. above his site, the org. has placed this.
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 8.50.19 pm
o i am happy to know that customers are in fact safe from law breaking if they trust the authorised sites.

Lastly, there seems to be a growing collection of 3D printing communities. I for one am in a mutual following of the 3D printer board twitter and am aware of large forums such as 3Ders. So, once again, as the tech becomes smaller and cheaper it will grow in popularity and more forums and fan bases will rise. maybe one day they will be as popular as 2 Dimensional printers. Or maybe im just optimistic.

what is undoubtable though is that this is a technology that extends the physical reaches of our mind and has the capability of creating an extremely close relationship with every customer.

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