Hump Day


So today marks the middle of my blogging adventure. A sort of “Hump day” where I can look back as far as I will move forward. So what happens when I turn around and gaze upon the many words I have scrambled around on some people’s computers. What have I learned? What have I created on my travels that have changed the way in which I view the media.

For one. I have learned that if I wanted to watch Game of Thrones, Hannibal, The Walking Dead and Doctor who the way I used to, I would have to take a gap year every year. It has been a very full on 7 weeks and I have changed a LOT.

I was amazed at the tightness of ownership of the media and how quickly it keeps coming back to the same 5 people. How new our forms of media that i have grown up with actually are and how much debate they keep rising in society. If not for BCM110 I would have never started blogging, and though it is slow going. I love it and it has opened my eyes to a form of expression I never knew I’d get into :).

As of March of 2014, I have never looked at media platforms without scrutinising how they would rise discussion on the public sphere, how it objectifies different people and how it fits into the various topics we have all contemplated in lectures and tutes alike. The amount of awareness I have found myself with now with my online presence as well as day to day media exposure almost feels professional.

When I started BCM110 I had no idea what to expect. But looking back I think  that this course was the best I could have chosen for me. Though it keeps me up almost every sunday/ monday I feel like this assignment has excelled my senses and opened my eyes to the new emerging forms of media and it’s content. and though it is hump day, I feel like it will only go up from here.

Reference list
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