Produsage, Music, and the convergence of the Genre

Remixes have in many ways become a core part of our pop music experience. From Avicii’s “Levels” to Bastille’s “Of the Night” we are continuously exposed to sampling and re-creations of past songs. Mashups created by people such as Daniel Kim and DJ Earworm create a sort of nostalgia from the past year. But how are these effecting genres and music culture?

PBS Idea Channel’s Mike Rugnetta tells us that genres form our oppinions that “Certain types of music can’t go together because they are to stylistically different”. Though it is the remix and mashup which transgresses these assumptions to create songs which are popular through juxtaposition.

And it is this juxtaposition which creates our convergence. This avant garde of music has combined genres to their extinction… Almost. Though mash ups and remixes have encapsulated the world. We still see specific genres in the iTunes store and on the street. Music, as long as it is remixed, has to be created.the remix beast itself could not survive if genres and new music were no longer there for it to consume. However, genres seem now to be more about labelling the people who listen to the music as opposed to the music itself.

Almost every genre of person has a song, or range of songs they assimilate to which resides somewhere in pop culture. With remixes and mashups so popular, everything from country to hard-core metal makes the charts, or at least half does. Pop music has emerged from Gaga and become a far broader spectrum of pre-genres.

In the end, though we may always have Rock, Electro, hip-hop and jazz, remix culture will always endeavour to converge genres and create a platform that unites masses through contrasting vocals, beats and melodies.

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