Bruns (2007) Four Key Characteristics of 3Dusage

A more clearly structured blog post today will demonstrate clearly the ways in which Bruns’ model expresses the way in which 3D printers express characteristics of produsage


1. Organisational shift:
3D printing was once a form of engineering tech which allowed engineers to bring their works into the real world. Though, as the technology develops, it is becoming more and more consumer (producer) based. As stated in, the idea of 3D printers has become to “Express Yourself”. This rapid expansion on the consumer market pushes 3D printers now more than ever from an individual to community based platform.

2. Fluid movement:
with this organisational shift in the 3D printing platform comes a larger range of uses. individuals and communities can build everything from guns to musical instruments. This expands the amount of produsage to almost an infinite proportion. Like never before, we are able to satisfy almost all communities, groups and individuals of a prousage market.

3. Un-finished:
Though the 3D printer is seen as an excellent tool. It’s ability to create and change physical objects makes it an unfinished product. The pure astonishing amount of items that can be created makes it near impossible to put a definite end to the 3D printers capabilities. The 3D printer is not a complete tool until it has created a copy of everything fathomable in/ and not in the universe much in the same way that the hammer which hammers a nail is not a complete tool until it removes a nail.

To conclude, the 3D printer is a peice of technology which greatly aligns with Bruns (2007) model of Produsage Characteristics.



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