We Are 99% Ready to Maybe Do Something About This on the Internet…

Clicktivism is the 21st Century way for people to fill the public sphere with disgruntled cyber pitchforks, hunting a hated government or fallen economy. But how effective is online activism?


A common pit to fall into when “Helping” over the net is to analyse your impact. The wall street incident was an example of how clicktivism can initiate physical change to spark protests and sit ins. However, most forms of clicktivism fall under the umbrella of slacktivism. Individuals who click on likes and change their profile pictures are prime examples of how clicktivism can be fruitless, lazy and even offensive.


Appart from being either effective or ineffective, clicktivism can also have potentially damaging effects. The online activism group labelled “Anonymous” have been responsible for multiple hacks, shutdowns and boycotts of varying websites, along with physical attacks sparked by fourms created by the group. Thus the issue of “Hacktivism” comes into play. This form of activism more closely relates to rioting as its form of protest. And thus creates a more dark and dangerous aspect to the form.

All in all, there are many ways in which we can help society through online activism. But it is important to focus how it affects the larger picture both positive and negative.


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