This Little Guy


When asked to discuss the best product I know, I initially looked at such things as my computer, PS3, phone or iPod. But my conclusion came from the most unlikely pieces of plastic. The Legends class Generations G2 Megatron. At six feet tall and bearded I appear to be a most tall and hairy child, but a child at heart I am. Nothing gets the nostalgia pumping like a trip down transformer lane with this little guy.

“So what is so special about this figure” You may ask, well my adult audience I would like to direct you towards the most unique features of this little megs, His legs.


Unlike Masterpiece Megatron, Combiner Wars Megatron, Movie Legends Megatron and G1 Megatron this little guy has a solid pair of legs. This in my opinion is probably the best thing that could ever happen to the transformer line because Megatron’s legs were always skimpy little twigs not befitting the vicious warlord and gladiator that he is.

The marketing for this was also incredibly well done. The idea to fill the gap in the toy line with the Generations series was a move that brought the transformers franchise well out of the death pit known as the Michael Bay movies and widened the audience for the more G1, 2, armada, IDW, G.I. Joe era. We have seen many excellent figures come out of this line which the Animated, movie and Prime lines could not capture without straying to far from their on screen representations.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 2.31.40 pm

Over all, y little Megs represents more than a nice set of legs on a Megatron figure, he represents the ability for hasbro to bring the nostalgia into the transformer line like so many other 80’s franchises failed to do. Like seriously, where is the He-Man toy re-boot?


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