Le Critique De MTMTE #038

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 6.33.31 pm

Episode 38 begins on a rough note with Megatron realising that Brainstorm’s final leap will finalize the time jump to end the 4 million year war by destroying the cause at its source, Meg’s construction. Sadly, we thus see a side of the once monstrous tyrant that we hoped had died off with his new allegiance to the Autobots. His aggressive attempt to be sent back with the other Lost Light members reminds the audience of a Megatron we used to love to hate, before he became “Sad old man with cat”.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 6.46.42 pm

On top of that, the Lost Light’s time travellers made the issue a very heavy read, funny moments like “Grenado” were short-lived in the constant struggle of whether Megatron should live or die, and I think the panel above shows how much this hit the old guy. Especially having his death lay at the hands of someone as passive as Rewind, inspiring him to act so violently must mean that Megs will have a hard time redeeming himself.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 6.58.26 pm

Brainstorm though, you romantic Son-of-a-B you. Finding out the mad scientist’s true intention was a real turn of events. Returning to the Conjux Endura, a theme that Roberts’ fans praise him greatly for we see just how much relationships mean to the eternal lives of cybertronians. This also explains B.S’s fascination with Perceptor and want to show off to him as much as mechanically possible.

Cyclonus and Rodimus working together was a real step for the purple veteran towards being accepted in a way that we are a long while off seeing Megatron do. Cyclonus as always does what he thinks is honerable because he is old fashioned like that and Rodimus trusts him to do right by their cause. Watching both Cyclonus and whirl act in a way that helps the co-captains of the LL and the fact that Cyclonus uses Whirl’s “Sparkeater gun” shows that maybe Rodimus isn’t the worst of all leaders after all. Hell if he can band this strange herd together, he mustn’t be that bad.

Like most time traveling story arcs, there are a nod or two to the future. The most promnant one for me though was the creation of both the lost light and the Sparkeater. These paradoxes are made even more bizarre when Percy talks about the alternate universes. the main being the Functionist universe. Rung better get saved or else I’ll die never knowing what our friendly psychologist’s alt-mode is for.

All in all, issue #038 was rough, in a great way, witnessing the death of Megatron, watching so many things come full circle and finishing off with Back to the Future II made for a full on episode that delivered far more lore and content than anticipated. + Cyclonus karaoke.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.20.58 pm

Reference List:

Roberts, J. (2015). More Than Meets The Eye #38. IDW.


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