Rally Fighting my Way Through Market Research

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 3.34.40 pm

Local Motors are renowned for their innovative designs when it comes to vehicular aesthetic, though they are also known well for the amount of customisability that can go into their products. Being a small company, they are not able to spend millions on market research, so have kept it simple with their free “Design your Rally Fighter” option on their online shop. Giving audiences the ability to choose from multiple paint designs on their dream car. By using the information gathered from this tool, the company is able to locate possible customers, witness design trends and better fill the needs of consumers.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 3.44.38 pm

This form of market research comes under a quantitative survey (Schiffman et al., n.d.). The option to design your own rally fighter gives Local motors numerical data, though this form of research does not look into WHY people chose specific colour patterns. Though, if Local motors were interested in qualitative research, they could simply put in a comment box, but they are not focusing on lengthy explanations, the motor company understands that the numbers are adequate and accurate to their consumer research.

Reference list:

Schiffman, L., O’Cass, A., Paladino, A. and Carlson, J. (n.d.). Consumer behaviour.

Local Motors, (2015). Rally Fighter | Local Motors. [online] Available at: https://localmotors.com/localmotors/rally-fighter/activity/ [Accessed 23 Mar. 2015].


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