Skate and Explore: A Four Piece Blog Post

This will be the first in a Four part blog post case studying the longboarding brand “Landyachtz”. This first piece is a dive into the longboarding community and introducing each of the concepts that I will explore.

(, 2015)
(, 2015)

As far as longboarding brands go, Landyachtz is one of the more popular international brands. Along with: Loaded Boards, Original Boards, Arbor, Sector 9 and all of their sub brands for other Boarding accessories. . These 4 brands dominate the majority of the market and all have a close group of loyal customers. But for now we will just focus on Landyachtz.

The following three blogs will study landyachtz on three parameters (Duh): Brand communities, Consumer behaviour on the internet and Social media and it’s influence on consumer behaviour.

So without further Ado, welcome to the Skate and Explore Quad Blog!

Reference List:, (2015). Top longboard brands – All about the goods. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Apr. 2015].


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