Skate and Explore: This Rad Community

The Landyachtz brand is centred very much around brand community, events such as the “Giants Head Freeride” and their “Skate and Explore” tours help bring longboarders together under the landyachtz brand.

In the Harvard Business schools’ “Getting Brand Communities Right”, it is mentioned that, though many people think that brand community exists to serve the business, it in-fact exists to serve the consumers within it (Harvard Business Review, 2009). This can be seen with Landyachtz’ skate and explore tour.

I had the pleasure in 2012 to go to one of their sponsored events, the Mt Kiera Raw Run. Though Landyachtz is a Canadian based company The crew flew down to do a tour of Australia, and on the way they sponsored many events like the one seen above.

These such events are Landyachtz’ prime technique to creating customer loyalty through attitudinal brand community. They put money into an event half way across the world so that longboarders of all skill levels could come together and enjoy a day of giveaways and bombing hills.

as both (Schiffman et al., 2014) and (Muniz, Jr. and O’Guinn, 2001) states, Brand communities are groups liberated from geography and informed by a mass‐mediated sensibility. This is apparent in the Landyachtz community via mediums such as their Youtube channel and online store. For example, even if an individual lives on the other side of the globe, they are still able to see the Landyachtz Giants Head Freeride in Summerland, British Columbia. and the boards that Landyachtz produce are sent internationally. This makes the ownership of said board to be something of an initiation to the Landyachtz community.

The Landyachtz brand is more to it’s consumers than a label because of brand community, people from all around the world have fun and skate together under the Landyachtz brand community, and that is why the group in Canada have so much success.


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