Skate and Explore: The Social Type

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Boom, Boom Boom Boom BOOM SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!! There is no denying Landyachtz’ presence on social media. With an estimated 540 thousand followers over 5 mediums, The board brand is up there in the big leagues in a very social way.  As stated in Saravanakumar, M and Sugantha Lakshmi, T’s “Social Media Marketing” Social media marketing affects consumer behaviour by: Creating buzz for new products, Learning from customers through active audience channels and properly targeting customers. Thus, by using social media, Landyachtz can create proper hype targeted towards their correct audience and generate a response all for very little to no cost through social media marketing.

As aforementioned in the past blog, Landyachtz uses internet marketing to it’s advantage more than any other technique. This makes social marketing gain great importance in their various marketing processors, such as market research, affecting consumer behaviour, bringing new products to attention and creating good public relations for the brand. The use of multiple channels and their beautiful imagery and user interfaces create a homely state within the channels they occupy. Their output to these mediums, such as their “Skate and Explore” vlog and Instagram feed make the company seem rugged, and much more relatable than narcissistic material such as that outputted by Loaded boards (YouTube, 2015), or the grittiness of the Bustin Boards page. Landyachtz generates warmth through their online presence, which as stated previously is rare in the objective based online market.

When researching a brand, prior to purchasing a product. The 21st century longboarder will inevitably be drawn towards social media for answers. This is where the techniques used in the Landyachtz social media spectrum come into play on the consumer’s behaviour. Albeit noticeable, the pages which Landyachtz uses take heavily from their Canadian roots. Native American art, combined with warm colours and a LOT of nature makes the pages seem homely to the longboarder who spends more summers in the hills one mountains opposed to the beach. The overall feel for the media which they create feels natural to the hill bombing aficionado and pulls at the heart strings with a sense of home within the brand. Meeting the team through their Instagram and Youtube furthers the connectedness with their laid back attitude, adventurism and the Australian in the group seals the deal.

Landyachtz’ social media presence is a factory for loyal consumers by creating a friendly environment, enforcing brand communities and creating an ease of operation for the consumer online decision process. These past three blogs have expressed how Landyachtz uses it’s online presence as a core marketing technique which has been instrumental in their overall success as a business.

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