2015: A Media Odessey

Round 4 of my semesterly blog rambles is beginning and with a question on how I personally am positioned through my media consumption, I only find it necessary to talk about how I differ from my family and friends in relation to my media space.

The key difference in my life and the way that I absorb media is the household digital television, or in my case, lack there of.

Now, not to confuse everyone, I physically HAVE a T.V, Though it is not connected to any antenna. This came about because the place that my girlfriend and I have inhabited came with a broken antenna port so our T.V became inept until we bought a Playstation. 12 months ago, I would not have dreamed of a life without television. A day without T.V for me was a day almost wasted. And surprisingly that is still the view of many people much older and younger than I. The interesting thing is however, when approached by people around my age bracket (18-25) the idea of living without a T.V was within their boundaries of normal.

Generation wise, I am under the impression that at this time in my life, having a working T.V is not seen as a media platform which is essential to make a functioning household. Many people my age are contempt to watch movies online and absorb media content through their computer screen or via word of mouth. Whereas the older population, who did not grow up in such a technological boom, relied on television as their prime source of entertainment, while the younger generation is still in the same position we were at during that time of our lives being exposed to television viewing by our parents.

Fitting this in to the ideas surrounding media and place, I believe that media consumption and a person’s perception of what the media is is influenced greatly at two intersections of time. The date and their age bracket. For example: Media to someone who was 30 in the year 1955 would be primarily radio based. A 60 year old during that same year would consider the newspaper to be the primary media producer. A 40 year old in the year 2015 would consider television to be the epitome of media where as a 25 year old will see those technologies as less important than a digital tablet or Playstation 4. Even to the point that my parents would spend $25 a month for Foxtel without batting an eye but do not understand paying $8.99 a month for Netflix.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.00.04 pm

These only being my personal beliefs may be outraged by the end of this semester but future research on the topic of media space and the way in which we position ourselves in it’s immense grasp will be one hell of an experience.S without further ado, I present the beginning of semester 4’s blogging binge, where I will “… put myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do” (HAL, 2001: A Space Odyssey).


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