Bandstand, Countdown and Championship Wrestling. A TBT Interview (On a Friday)

This Friday I had the tremendous opportunity to interview one of my aunts Deborah (Debbie) about her early experiences with Television. Looking into how our place in time influences our experiences with media and entertainment. Being only Three years old when the T.V first came through her door on Lister Street, Berkeley. However her memory of the first experience with a form of media you could control was incredible (Even though there were only two stations).

Focusing on the idea that our age during a certain time period shapes our perception of media, The memories of Debbie closely correlated with that of my University Tutor and Lecturer Kate Bowles’ memories. Much in the same way that my memories were not dissimilar to my class mates such as Jayden Perry and Scott Poynton. The following is a transcription of the interview as recorded with the application “Audacity

Daniel: Where did you live when you were a child? Who lived in the home with you?

Debbie: Uh, we lived in Berkeley with my three sisters, when Television first came out. But then there was five of us before I moved out.

Daniel: Alright, and what do you remember most about having the T.V in your house?

Debbie: Being able to choose certain T.V channels we were allowed to watch. Because Mum had to watch “Band Stand” every Saturday night and I think we wanted to watch something on ABC but we never could.

Daniel: That’s really interesting because that is one of the things we mentioned in class how being able to choose your own entertainment for the first time. Before you were old enough to say “Hey mum I’m going out to the movies”, you were allowed to choose how you were entertained through the television.

Okay, so what type of room was the T.V. in and what sort of furniture surrounded it? And was there any more than one T.V in the house at any one time?

Debbie: No always only one television. A black and white one from retrovision if I remember right? And uh yes it would of had a plant, or something on the top or some artificial flowers probably ha ha ha probably. It was on four legs I remember.

Daniel: And were there any lounges around the T.V?

Debbie: Yes yes the standard lounge suite of the day. A three seater lounge and two chairs and as long as we didn’t sit on Dad’s chair there were no problems.

Daniel: Okay last of the serious questions before we get into the sort of reflection questions is what memories do you have of watching the T.V? Where did you sit, and who did you sit with?

Debbie: Well I got the other chair and never ever sat on it properly. I was always getting in trouble for sitting with my feet up i remember, um or we sat on the Lino. All together and watching.

Daniel: Well now onto the reflection questions. The first is what did we feel most engaging about the interview? I know that one of the most engaging parts for me is how well your memories linked up with that of my class tutor about her T.V watching experience about having plants sitting on the top and other little things. Much the same as the memories I had in class matched up with the memories of my class mates.

Debbie: And Sunday lunch time world championship wrestling Dad used to watch wrestling while Mum cooked us chips and eggs. And Dad would sit on the chair (Makes Wrestling imitations) “Wrestling”.

Daniel: If you could pick one thing that surprised you remembering about the early experience of watching the Television, What do you think it would be?

Debbie: Countdown! Which was the music show of the time with Molly Meldrum.

Daniel: Before “Rage” and “Channel [V]”.

Debbie: Yeah it was “Countdown” and “Band Stand” for Mum’s era of music.

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