Reading you Loud and Clear 44

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With the third instalment of the new “Marble Hornets” series uploaded, I thought it right to start talking about this new “Clear Lakes 44” cryptic set of videos.

Taking a slow deep end approach to film making, THAC knows it can take risks in creating a narrative because of it’s dedicated fan base. CL44 1-3 really shows how much a cult following frees up an artist to create something totally different to the rest of what film makers are producing. Forums have been speculating the events occurring in this new series since early February before the first video was even uploaded and I think that that is a huge success on behalf of THAC.

Marble Hornets has, since it’s inception been my absolute favourite found footage horrors and I really hope that Clear Lakes can deliver.

Stay tuned to Clear Lakes 44| Marble hornets for some great thriller antics from some great amateur film producers. Dependable, Reliable and a whole lot of other words ending in …able.


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