MEDA101 Soundscape Area 04


In creating this audio presentation, I wanted to convey an experience of the designated environment over an objective soundscape. Thus the piece became a intersection of four distinctive experiences on Jardine street. These were: The light industrial environment, the eerie quiet at night and the sense of alienation and vintage emanating from my subject. The subject in question was an old tape recording leant from a family friend of her Father’s first experiences moving to Australia. This recording sparked the idea to focus more on the interpretative through recreation of experience over mirroring the environment. This was expressed through the distorted audio (An alienated experience), the repetitive beat (Mechanical, industrial environment) and the low frequencies (An unrelenting stagnant aura of late night factories deserted until the next day). This interpretative soundscape was then sandwiched between a representation of my arrival and departing from the designated area created a tangibility which holds the piece nicely together. Enjoy.


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