An Ethical Perspective: Portrayal of people in the media.

So my rant topic for today is the way in which two case studies: “Jack Black meets a Homeless Boy” and “Struggle Street” are miss-dirtectional when it comes to the accurate and ethical portrayal of people in the media. Though there are many angles studied in the witnessing of persons other than ourselves in the media, this take on the issue means a lot to me because of my expedition to India. The troubles I faced and overcome in accurately presenting the environment, culture and people in a short film that my team and I recently produced greatly improved the ethical standpoint of representing a culture other than our own. What follows are my explanation of the two case studies flaws and ways in which we as media prosumers can improve the representation of others in the media.

*Note: Though stated in the video, it is important to remember that though ethically sound, the accurate and humane way in which to portray others in media are not always economically viable for charity organisations or production companies who’s aim is to shock audiences.


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