Finally within my element, I decided to go out and create a piece that I myself would enjoy watching. At the time of this project’s inception, I was fascinated with the relatively new movie: Robert Eggers’ The VVitch. This influenced my piece heavily, though on review I would have preferred to go further in to the folklore than I did. The basics of this shoot was to show the unease, excitement and eventual acceptance of a young witch’s first attempt at a human sacrifice. Created in a way which keeps the supernatural aspects subtle in order to reach a wider audience, the piece lends heavily to both the sound and location used from previous projects. lifting the black, lowering the highlights and colouring each blue and orange respectively gave the whole piece a muted look, without going itself to the washed out look which come under criticism in the movie industry today. Overall I am very happy with this piece, I think it hits it’s target audience well and I hope to work on programs similar to this in the future.


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