Peaceful Tyranny

And what do we have here? I’m late for an assignment, overtired and now I’m chasing a topic not covered in lectures yet? that sounds like the sort of fun you can only find on DANGER DAN’S BLOGATRON!!!!!! So lets dive right in to Peace Journalism.

Peace Journalism is the choice which editors and reporters make regarding what stories to report, and how to report them. Making the shift to report on peaceful news creates opportunities for society at large to consider and to value non-violent responses to conflict.

It can be difficult to sift through the large amounts of violence centred media that clogs our newsfeeds in order to experience live peace journalism, though it is possible. Examples of peace Journalism from today’s News (14-09-2016) include the on going debate over same sex marriage in Australia… and that’s about it. Other than “trivial” news articles such as “Dominos Radical New Menu” and “How to Pop the Question” there seems to be nothing peaceful about the media. Even Mother Theresa isn’t safe from the clear absence of peaceful media.

There are however, organisations that directly oppose non peaceful journalism. The main group being “”. A globally distributed reform movement of reporters, academics and activists run courses in the UK, Australia, the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Costa Rica, Norway, Sweden and many others.

The organisation choses not to ignore the violence in the world, but report on it equally from both sides and without bias. creating a journalistic practice that is within itself peaceful and accurately represents situations without resorting to “Clickbait” violence.


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