Say Cheese

Choosing a research topic from a boundless amount of options has turned out to be a far simpler task than I originally thought. Using the framework that I am essentially constructing a bag which I can cram research methodologies in to means that as long as the topic i choose starts a discussion, I will be able to use research practices in order to discover new concepts.

I started by choosing a topic within the photographic spectrum. Choosing a topic which I am passionate about can only help me to construct a piece of work which I am proud of. from here it was simply a matter of finding a topic whiting photography which has enough controversy to initiate discussion on both arguments while not violating ethical research practices. This crosses out issues that carry a major amount of taboo such as documenting tragic circumstances and the state of nude and other pornographic photography practices. These topics however meant a lot less to me than the topic I decided upon; Street photography.

Street photography has been an incredibly important past time for me since I started my addiction to celluloid film. the joys of experiencing such vast stretches of the concrete jungle through the eyes of my lens Capturing moments of stress, love, outrage, beauty and the rawness of inner city life has held a place in my heart for years. The art form however, comes with its grievances. Many people see the hobby as intrusive, annoying, unlawful and generally frowned upon. This makes the practice more touch and go than other forms of outdoor photography.

It is with this controversy that I wish to construct my research project. Using methodologies such as qualitative interviews, surveys, field experiments and case studies I will aim to understand better the reasons behind both the enjoyment and resentment of street photography.

I will utilise the medium of video to construct my project. The platform allows me to more easily engage in open discussion about the topic raised  and use unfiltered quotes while still allowing me to discuss things like surveys, secondary research and past experiences. I am aiming to construct a video essay which uses these methodologies to help others better understand the nuances and conflicting perspectives of street photography.


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