Film is Undead

I’ve got some pretty strong beliefs on what the state of analog photography and movie making in the 21st century is. The “not dead but not quite alive” nature of modern day analog adds to the craft: grungy, costly, addictive and tedious. It is an art form that I am furiously dedicated to and believe adds a real tact to both mediums. Keeping film from the grave, one snap at a time 🤘🏾#filmisundead

I utilised two basic editing styles in order to convey my beliefs on the nature of film. I began with the carving of occult imagery over the found footage. Pushing the grungy culture that so readily utilises this decomposing format. I then projected the clip twice to enforce the imperfections in the finished product, the slips, rate and minor differences in the two runs of the footage really ads to my concepts. I expanded on this by slowing, and in some cases repeating the jittering of the 16mm film sliding on the projector sprockets.


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