Progress Report BCM212

Greeting analog enthusiasts, It has been a while since I have referred to you win a written platform but what better time than the now!

This post is here to outline the progress that I have made on the research report I have mentioned in previous episodes of Dan on the Bus.

The report is a device for artists and businesses alike to deduce the viability of analog practices in photography and videography as a marketing tool in 2017. Thus far I have deduced various companies which utilise the medium as a brand aesthetic. These brands mainly fall within the spectrum of surf, skate and street fashion brands. These brands resonate well with many youth markets and use the medium as a nostalgic tool aimed at the “Hipster” demographic. My next step in producing this report is the conduction of a student based focus group. This group will hopefully outline the various strengths, risks and nuances of the medium in layman terms.

This report will ideally be useful for artists hoping to break in to the photographic industry using old fashioned tools and businesses to decide whether the medium is right for them. until then, I am hoping to get at least one more episode of the DOTB series so keep those eyes peeled.

D Out!


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