Closing Time 2017

And here it is, my final blog post of this semester. After 13 weeks of research, production, analysis and crying I’m ready to hand in my final projects. This final instalment will look in to my reflection in producing my “Love Letter to Analog Photography” analysis of the medium’s relevance ion 2017.

Though much of this reflection is going to analyse how i ended with the lecture topics in my research, It is important to also look back on my communication on my progress throughout this semester. Sadly, this was an element I found myself unable to fully produce. The final report, though cohesive in its argument and conclusion, was for the most part a mystery throughout its inception. Had I known the target audience for my piece, and dressed said audience in my blog then the project would have been for naught. The analysis of film photography’s relevance was as much a look in to how important the medium was as to who the target market for this technique was. Which is why my posts one the matter have been sparse and vague.

As aforementioned, this post also seeks to analyse my engagement with the lecture topics in regards to writing my major work. Notes open these topics include:


Curiosity was the core driving force in my research topic selection. Analog photography is my greatest passion and I am aspiring to turn this hobby in to a profitable business.


However, researching such a subject infers a level of subjective analysis. I note this in multiple occasions within my final report. Stating my aim in not forming a bias, though alerting the audience to the inevitability of a subjective analysis in my quantitative research.

Socially responsible research design

This topic takes up an entire chapter in my report. Working with focus groups can raise many ethical dilemmas which I noted and resolved before proceeding with primary research.

Critical judgment

Regardless of my aspirations as a film photographer, I set out to accurately define the influence of the medium to businesses in 2107. This meant being critical towards the craft and forming unbiased conclusions.

respect, Integrity, negotiation and flexibility

These were all values which I exhibited when working on primary research. I showed respect, negotiation and flexibility by changing the recording structure of the focus group, while showing integrity through my privacy statement before commencing.


I tried to structure this report in a creative manor to engage wider audiences. The avid use of screen grabs and other people’s photographic work helps move the narrative forward in an engaging and more exciting manor.


De-cyphering and analysing primary and secondary qualitative data is where I showed the greatest level of insight.


Was the only topic I lacked in. Outside of the required blog posts, I kept most of my work hidden from online audiences. Only discussing my work in class. This was because of the shifting in my project’s conclusion as my research grew.


Though this is a piece made for use by businesses and artist alike, I feel the homeliness of the report grounds itself in professionalism. Structure, analysis and transparency are all ways I expressed professionalism within my work.

If i was to further this research, I would put more emphasis on other formats such as 120 film and motion picture film. I would also look further in tot he current state of analog film, exploring events such as Fujifilm halting production and Kodak pushing for more movies to be shot on film. I exercised precision on this report so as to deepen the research in to the specific motive of the piece and to open up the possibility of further research on the matter branching off in to these other facets.


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